Ashray Housing, Mumbai

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has undertaken an ambitious and significant step in redeveloping 17 housing plots in the city to build houses for its 27000 conservancy staff. As appointed architects we intend to establish high housing standards with infrastructure, social amenities and open-spaces, including environmental and energy conscious measures. The Corporation under the S. W. M. department has 10 plots in the Western Suburbs and 9 in the Eastern Suburbs. All these lands were under-utilized, unplanned and in some places partly encroached. This ongoing sizeable project would also immensely contribute to the urban renewal and area development interest of the city at large.

The key aims of this project are to:

  • Provide new houses in place of the old
  • Provide additional housing stock to fulfill the housing shortfall
  • Achieve better and efficient planning standards keeping the environment in mind
  • Provide various social amenities – Balwadi’s, Welfare/Health Care Centres,
    Community Halls, Buddha Vihars etc.
  • Contribute to the city’s urban renewal effort
  • House staff in their respective wards
  • Follow high standards and building specifications to ensure low maintenance cost
  • Provide a better quality of life


Client: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
Area: 4,50,000 Sqm, Dwelling Units: 8400, Cost: Rs. 86500 Lac
Consultants: Sura Associates, Vilshom Engineers, S S Gangan
Period of Construction: 2008 - Ongoing
Supporting Architects: Gaurav Shetty, Madhuri Thakkar, Arun Sawant, Tushar Dure, Rajesh Chauhan

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