Lavasa Villas, Lavasa City, Pune

The Lavasa site is hilly and the slopes at some places are quite steep. In view of the difficult topography, we proposed fragmented, multiple roofed houses at different levels with integrating courts rather than large structures with dominant rooflines. These seemed aesthetically appropriate too, as they would blend into the natural environment.

The business model of the developers required that many houses be built. They had to be planned, therefore, as relatively dense neighbourhood nodes along the main road that twists and turns around the hill slopes. Despite the cluster, privacy of the individual houses was maintained by  locating them at slightly different angles, and by the use of offsets, setbacks and landscaped courts. The houses, thus, look out into green spaces and not into each other.


Client: Lavasa Corporation Ltd.
Villa Prototypes: Five Types, Total Villas: Apprx. 200 
Area: appx. 450 Sqm each, Cost: Rs. 75 Lac per Villa
Structural Consultant: Vakil Mehta Sheth Consultants & Shishir Kulkarni Associates, Services Consultant: Sheth Techno Consultants, Landscape Consultant: S G C Design Group
Supporting Architects: Mohammed Ali Momin (Associate), Radhika Karlekar, Priyanka Karpe, Swapnil Sawant, Tushar Dure, Damanpreet Kaur Jolly, Janaki Shah