Project Vida, Goa

Our central objective is to establish a "VIDA Square", akin to a town square. This square will facilitate people here to come together for informal, spontaneous and organised social and cultural activity. Such a situation would greatly help in the building of a strong "VIDA community".

Starting from this "VIDA Square", is a well-defined"VIDA Wall", akin to a city wall, that runs along the length of the neighbourhood, interestingly negotiating the sloping contours and the various building blocks. This wall presents a unified view of the one bed room apartments and their various clusters.

Unlike a historical town wall that fortified and confined the people, in this case we have consciously pierced and punctured the "VIDA Wall" In order to pull out and expose and express the houses that people live in, hang-out in their balconies and witness the activity in the common open spaces.

A well-articulated stream of open space - the "VIDA Rolling Stones", forms the central spine of this Neighbourhood, providing rare opportunity for a diversity of well dispersed engagements and activity, be it music performances, games, play, leisure, relaxation, walks, meetings and loitering.

One bed room units have been structured into multiple clusters. In the central open space of every cluster, we have provided parking space to fulfil one-car per-house requirement. These parking lots have dense tree cover in order to conceal the sight of cars and also cut down noise levels.

On both sides, all along the "VIDA Rolling Stones", multi-level streets and squares have been proposed as important social spaces, besides providing access to individual apartments. These streets would facilitate easy movement and interactions at multiple levels between people living in different apartments and clusters, thus promoting the idea of vertical neighbourhoods.

Client: Expat Vida, Goa
Cost: Rs. 8033 Lacs
Built-up Area: 4,46,292 sq.ft
Land Area: 11.09 Acres
Project Period: 2015-ongoing