Suggestions for the Revised Draft of Mumbai's Development Plan: 2014 - 2034

Our idea here is to put forward certain ideas and objectives along with specific alternatives, to public scrutiny and response and importantly, for consideration by the authorities who are in the process of preparing the second draft of DP-2014-2034

The Just City Essays

26 Visions for Urban Equity, Inclusion & Opportunity

Mumbai's Open Spaces

Maps & A Preliminary Listing Document

Open Mumbai

Re-envisioning the city and its open spaces

On the Waterfront

What began as a story of Bandra's activism to reclaim and democratise its waterfront grew into a study of Mumbai's dwindling public spaces, especially the seafront.

Struggle For Housing: A People's Manifesto

P K Das and Colin Gonsalves, jointly published by NHSS and C.G. Shah Memorial Trust.

Expanding Public Spaces in Mumbai -`Vision Juhu`

in association with KRVIA, Mumbai