'Shantivan' Adani Port Housing, Mundra, Kutch

In a design that reflects the structure of most multi-cell life forms, houses here are planned around a pedestrian- and child-friendly open space through which they breathe, draw nourishment and seek inspiration. This pattern is replicated and networked to constitute the township cluster.

Thus, each apartment house in each building is planned around a square verandah. The apartment buildings, in turn, are built around a common community space. The verandahs look out into them.

Verandahs are covered largely by jaalis to cut down the midday heat and glare of Kutch where temperatures rise as high as 50N C in summer. In the evening, when the sun has set, and the breeze cools down the buildings, the verandahs draw out the family into their openness and function like courtyards in traditional houses. The different rooms of every house open out on to these verandahs, thus unifying the spaces in the house.

The jaalis of the verandahs are painted in different colours to add a touch of visual excitement.

Client: Adani Port Ltd.
Area: 55,450 Sq.mt. Cost: Rs.2400 lac.
Contractors: Jaisurya Developers and Abhishek Constructions.
Structural consultant: Sarjan Consultants, Electrical, P.H. Services: Hydro-mechanical Consultants.
Landscape design: Prabhakar Bhagwat.
Period of construction: 2000.
Supporting architects: Sanjeev Karekar (associate), Munira Rawat, Mohammed Ali Momin.