Adani DAV School, Mundra, Kutch

This school is located away from the main town in a small, rural neighbourhood in Kutch. It is built around a central street, a typical feature of small towns.

The gateway to the school opens directly on to this street, reinforcing it as the central, common space. The bright colours and the varying roof-line of the laboratory, bookshop and other common activity areas on both sides, add to the bustle of the street. Further, it leads on to a central square with steps and a stage for performances and outdoor workshops.

The central street also leads to the different sections of the school. Both the primary and secondary section school buildings are built around their independent courtyards like country houses around community squares. All the classrooms have jaali windows that filter light and heat and create a barrier between the active, outdoor spaces and the privacy of the indoors.

Client: Adani Port Ltd.
Area: 2150 Cost: Rs. 96 lac.
Contractor: Jaisurya Developers. Structural
consultant: Sarjan Consultants.
Electrical, P.H. Services: Hydro-mechanical Consultants.
Landscape design: Prabhakar Bhagwat.
Period of construction: 2000-01
Supporting architect: Rupali Saple.