Participation in the Achievement of a Sustainable Ecology

The case of Irla Nullah Re-invigoration Movement in Mumbai, 'The Nature of Cities', October 15th, 2018

How Ecology could play a bigger role in planning

An urban planner and an urban ecologist walk into a bar. They chat about (and maybe whether) 'ecology' could play a bigger role in planning... - 30 April 2018

Recognition Deficit and the Struggle for Unifying City Fragments

Knowledge towards Sustainable Cities EBook, Published by Cambridge University Press, April 2018

Know Ecosystem services?

"The Nature of Cities"

A Provocation piece

Recognition Deficit and Struggle for Unifying City Fragments - 'The Nature of Cities', 30th May, 2016

Turning Backyards into Proud Forecourts, Urban Blueprint Mumbai, Jan-March 2016

PK Das tell us why it's important for citizens to speak out and save the open spaces and water bodies in their city

Plan to Place People First

Interview by Shyam Khandekar on his hope to reclaim the city for it inhabitants - An Article in "My Liveable City" Jan - March 2016

Claiming Participation in Urban Planning and Design as a Right

Just Cities Essay- E-Book Published by Rockefeller Foundation - The Nature of Cities, 19th October 2015

Let's Commit Land for Affordable Housing, Habitat III

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Let Streams of Linear Open Spaces Flow Across Urban Landscapes

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Integrating the waterfronts

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The "Equal Streets" Movement in Mumbai

"The Nature of Cities", 26th August 2014

Ecology Rights & City Development Plans: The Case of Mumbai

"The Nature of Cities", 12th March 2014

Open Mumbai: Re-envisioning the city & its open spaces

"The Nature of Cities", 18th August 2013

Canal plus

A plan to build a walking track along the Irla nala could be the first small step in a massive juhu makeover, June 2009

Suggestions and Objections to the Urban Land Ceiling and Regulations Repeal Bill 1998

Submission to the Parliamentary Committee by NHSS, December 1998

Letter to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi: Promoting Future Slums

Handover of 6,000 tenements built by MMRDA at Mankhurd, Mumbai