Adani Office, Nariman Point, Mumbai

A twisting-turning access street with green and blue walls on either side marks the entrance to the Adani Office. The walkway is punctuated with doors that look into the conference and waiting spaces that adjoin it on the two sides, thus making the walk into the office a visually interesting experience.

The street pauses below a bold black blooming pillar with comfortable seating beneath - like a street-corner court with a tree; it then opens up into the workstations on one side and the cabins in front. The functional spaces are efficiently planned in white and muted beige.


Client: Adani Enterprises Ltd.
Area: 2000 Sqmt. 
Cost: Rs. 40 Lac
Contractors: Abhishek Furnishers, Vinay Construction
Consultants: Nikhil comforts
Period of Construction: 2006
Supporting Architects: Sanjeev Karekar (Associate Architect) Bhoomika Paralkar.