Adani Wilmar Edible Oil Refinery, Mundra, Kutch

At the heart of this complex is the Adani Wilmar Square. Though, ironically, in the form of a circle, it holds together the different activities, such as administration, production and other facilities planned around it. The entrance to the different buildings is through this square. Curved access pathways cut across the central square and subtly delineate segments as courts exclusive to each building. Despite this, the one large Adani Wilmar Square retains its identity.

The wide flight of steps that leads up to the administration and other building entrances is like a gallery looking out onto this expansive court.

Warm yellows and browns and the robust stone masonry walls provide a breakaway from the factory and office interiors. They respond to the light, temperature and the vernacular architectural expressions of the region.

Client: Adani Wilmar Ltd.
Cost: Rs.800 lac.
Contractor: Jaisurya Developers.
Structural consultant and electrical, Dalal Consultants and Engineers Ltd.
Landscape design:Prabhakar Bhagwat.
Period of construction: 1999-2000.
Supporting architect: Nayanika Nayak.