Apparel Export Promotion Council, Navi Mumbai

An open national design competition proposal selected for execution.

Our design for this institutional complex is an interesting weave of built and open spaces: modern steel and mirrored glass buildings interlinked with open spaces and connecting streets, all organized around a central water court. This is expressed in a combination of structured and free-flowing geometries. The water court, with the academic training and administration buildings around it, forms the nucleus of the complex. The circulation spaces around these buildings skirt it and form inviting open and covered avenues. A web of these streets, courts, water body, avenues and pergolas define the common spaces, and give the complex a distinctly sociable character.

The auditorium is located at the periphery of the complex, thus allowing direct access to a large outside audience. A paved auditorium court relates it to the core of the complex. Residential apartments and students hostels are at the rear, and are linked by a covered street to the academy and administration. They form a restrained backdrop to the striking architectural presence of the institutional buildings.

Client: AEPC
Area: 8550 sq. mt.
Estimated cost: Rs.1200 lac.
Design and construction: 1993- Design in association with
Pramod Paranjape.