Ashoka Market + Station Precinct, Bhubaneshwar

 Our central planning objective is to comprehensively plan and design the public areas establishing a contiguous park and public spaces system in the entire 12 acres area.

The heart of the planning concept is the ‘central park’ within the railway station precinct and a predominantly commercial district. ‘Central park’ – an open public space - becomes the distinct identity of the place.

The green roof contributes to achievement of a sustainable environmental and expansion of public spaces in the city facilitates the integration of the station with the rest of the redevelopment, contributing to larger urban design goals.

A landscaped podium forms the roof of the market complex. This houses a host of public facilities with additional shops. The podium is connected to the ‘central park’, thus establishing a connected public spaces system.

The built form symbolizes the railway station as a ‘gateway’ to the city. Visually connects with the state vidhan bhavan along the axis of m.g.marg. Together with the central park, presents a distinct setting and a unique urbanscape.