Bandra Bandstand Seafront Restoration & Redevelopment, Mumbai

The Bandra Bandstand waterfront overlooks the shimmering wave-crests of the Arabian Sea around the beautiful black rock structures that form the sea bed.

Design features : A 1.5 km-long stone wall with rounded, mosaic coping demarcates the forecourt at the water’s edge and separates the promenade from the road. The promenade meanders all along the water’s edge where people can walk, relax and experience the vast beauty of the seascape. It is paved with rough-cut, natural stones in patterns that keep changing all along. A distinct, central gallery of steps takes you lower down to the water’s edge, where there is space for get-togethers, art shows, music programmes and other such events. At strategic points, steps lead you further down to the sand and rock beds. A large, central garden with a wide expanse of lawns provides relief to the dense high-rises in the background. Exclusively designed furniture for seating and resting, signage and lighting, are additional facilities provided here.

Project under taken by Bandra Bandstand Residents’Trust in association 
with Shabana Azmi, socialactivist, and P.K.Das, architect.
Funding:ShabanaAzmi(M.P.Lad Fund).
Water front length: 1.2 km.
Cost: Rs.140 lac.
Contractor: MHADA Slum Board, Gaurav Agencies.
Product design and signage: AA Design.
Period of construction: 2001-02.
Supporting architect: Nayanika Nayak.
Structures and restoration: Arup Sarbadhikary.