Carter Road Seafront, Bandra

The mangroves formed the central point of interest at the Carter Road seafront. Our development meanders around it. Patches of grass, planned adjacent to the mangroves, extend the lush green expanse.

At other places, large steps lead on to the rocks. At one point, the large bay opens up, allowing you to experience the vastness of the ocean. Galleries of steps at two places offer scope for get-togethers and cultural events.

Palms predominate the landscape here, with over 30 varieties planted along the Carter Road promenade. The lighting of the mangroves at night provides a different perspective.

Like the Bandra Bandstand development, a 1.3 km-long yellow wall, with rounded mosaic coping, demarcates the forecourt. The promenade is paved with parallel lines of red Agra stone at regular intervals, weaving an interesting pattern all along it. A large central forum, with a gallery of steps leading down to the water, is an interesting feature of the development.

This is a part of the larger movement in the city to reclaim public spaces and to protect Mumbai’s coastline. Development at the Carter Road seafront regenerated the mangroves, hitherto abused as a dumping ground, and their lush greenery has greatly added to the beauty of the waterfront.

Project undertaken by Bandra West Residents` Association in association
with Ms Shabana Azmi, social activist, and P. K. Das,architect.
Funding: Shabana Azmi(M. P Lad fund), Marico Industries and others.
Water front length: 1.25km.
Cost: Rs.150 lac.
Contractor: MHADA Slum Board, Gaurav Agencies.
Landscape Design: Harish Shah.
Product design and signage: AA Design.
Period of construction: 2001-02.
Supporting architect: Nayanika Nayak.