Coffee + Beer Cafe, Brooklyn, USA

The cafe is located within the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn. The area is host to young professionals who look for affordable rents for living and travel to Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn for work. Bed-Stuy also borders the Crown Heights area- one that is gaining immense popularity amongst young professionals and artists.

The plan is evolved around the concept that both Coffee and Beer are essentially 'brewed'. This process of brewing and the positive effects of coffee and beer have helped assign areas with different purposes such as for work, creativity, relaxing etc.
As one enters the cafe they are greeted by the counter, the food display window and the menus. This is where one thinks and spends time making their decisions on what to buy. This area would also have comment boards - for people to leave their thoughts as they enter/ leave the cafe.
Along the street edge, the high table seating is an area for relaxation, for someone to ponder over a cup of coffee or a mug of beer as they watch the passers by on the street.
As one moves further into the cafe, one comes to the area modelled for conversations over coffee, and more importantly a space which is conducive to working - long tables, loose chairs that can be moved around, accessible power outlets for laptops, phones etc.
The outside space is designed to host a community feeling among beer drinkers - A space that promotes creativity along with fun filled conversations and music.