Convention Centre, Bhubaneshwar

An open competition proposal.

A chaupadhi (forum) is at the hub of this centre. It holds together the auditorium and exhibition halls on one side and the Kala Kendra to support and promote cultural activities on the other. The Kala Kendra, with its workshops and lectures on art, craft, music, dance and in-house facilities such as cafeterias, restaurants and shops, will enthuse people to relate to the centre. A high-rise office building at one end of the chaupadhi ensures that the centre remains alive and active beyond convention schedules, and along with the space-frame tower and the stambha, also establishes it as a landmark in the city. A chauraha (court) at the entrance to this complex connects the centre to the city.

Client: IDCO, Govt. of Orissa.
Area: 1100 sq. mt.
Estimated cost: Rs.210 lac.