Cricket Academy, Mumbai

A limited design competition proposal for the Mumbai Cricket Association.

An entrance court introduces you to the academy and directly leads on to the forum , which is a large, democratic space where members meet. High, tensile roofs provide shade and afford it a distinct, open and friendly character. A gallery café, in the form of a verandah bordering the forum and overlooking the landscaped garden and pool, is a typical outdoor eating space – a quintessential club hangout.

Strategically positioned at the turn of the approach road, a creatively illuminated MCA Tower is proposed to distinguish it as an architectural landmark, and to locate it visually in the Bandra-Kurla complex.

Vital common spaces such as the entrance court, the forum, the gallery café and the garden are designed to hold together the activity spaces of the cricket academy. Besides these, the academy includes the various formal requirements of halls, facilities, residences, an indoor academy and a cricket field along with a small studio for observers. Residences are put together in a linear form along the road, thus presenting a distinct street architectural pattern.

Client: Mumbai Cricket Association.
Area: 5000 sq. mt.
Estimated cost: Rs. 1500 lac.
Design proposal: 2001.