Dadar - Prabhadevi Chowpatty Beach Nourishment Plan, Mumbai

The Dadar-Prabhadevi Beach is a part of the larger Mahim Bay. It extends from Worli Village to Bandra Fort. Large parts of the sandy beach have eroded and most of it rendered inaccessible. As properties along the beach are exposed to high tide now, some owners have dumped large boulders to protect their boundaries from erosion, thus obstructing public movement.

The beach is approached from Veer Savarkar Marg by 10 accesses, which provide entrance to the private properties on either side. These accesses are unplanned and irregular, with hawkers’ stalls located on the sandy beach, particularly at the end of Keluskar Marg and Dnyaneshwar Mandir Marg.

We have proposed to restore the Dadar-Prabhadevi Beach as a vital, open public space for the city and to check erosion at the waterfront. This is to be achieved in three major ways:

Nourish, regenerate and expand the beach, and thus recreate the enormous public space that the area was once proud of;

Redevelop the existing approach roads, gardens (Sant Dnyneshwar Udyan and Baji Prabhu Udyan), hawkers’ stalls, steps, ramps, podia and provide public conveniences, general lighting and security;

Maintain cleanliness by extending the sewage outfalls that open on to the beach and provide an effective, solid waste management plan.

Funding: Shri Manohar Joshi (MP Lad Fund) and others.
Water front length: 2.3 km.
Cost: Rs.450 lac (estimated).
ICICI has contributed Rs.15 lac for the survey and modeling.
Contractor: MHADA Slum Board.
Consultants: DHI Water and Environment Pvt. Ltd, Delhi, Fugroeonics, Mumbai.
Design and construction: 2002 - Ongoing
Supporting Architects: Dhanashree Sawant (land scape design), Mohammed Ali Momin