Delhi Public School, East Ahmedabad

Located close to a village on the outskirts of Ahmadabad city, the campus will have two schools – the junior and senior schools - on either side of a central structure with the open space in between allowed to assume a very fluid shape almost like a river flowing through. 

Unlike in most schools where you directly enter a school building, the children here will enter through this low-lying and liberating open space and climb up to their junior or senior schools, like up the ghats of a river. On this metaphorical river-front are planned the common facilities like workshops, laboratories and dance floors, while the classrooms are laid out to overlook the central inner courtyards of the school buildings. Walkways connect these into dynamic intermingling spaces for the children. 

At the farther end of this river-like open space where the land contour climbs up, we planned a gallery of steps simulating the feel of a hill at the bend of a river. You climb up to the top of this hill and relax as you watch the aerial view of the river-like open space and the school buildings in the backdrop – like you would, when you climb up the hill that overlooks the village at the edge of a river. 

Client: Calorex Foundation, Ahmedabad
Area: 20,000 Sqm, Coat: Rs. 2000 Lac
Contractor: Anandjiwala Technical Consultancy, Ahmedabad
Consultants: Pyramid Consultants, Sheth Techno Consultants,
Period of Construction: 2007-2009
Supporting Architects: Bhoomika Paralkar, Amruta Sakalkar, Vibhavari Kulkarni