Delhi Public School - Higher Secondary, Ahmedabad

All the activities of the school are built around a sequence of open, common spaces that correspond to the primary, secondary and high school levels. This central space is landscaped, and houses a large amphitheatre. The classrooms, in three blocks, are to one side of the central space, and the buildings for common activities, such as the laboratory, workshops and the library, are on the other.

Students, therefore, need to walk across this central court for the other areas of the school. Their movement to and fro keeps the space vibrant.

Client: Calorex Foundation
Area: 11,200
Cost: Rs.650 lac.
Contractor: Advanced Construction.
Structural consultant: Sijcon Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Landscape and pavings: Prabhakar Bhagwat.
Period of construction: 1998-2001.
Supporting architect: Shreyas Rane.