Falcon Brokerage, Ballard Pier, Mumbai

The high-pitched roof of this old Ballard Pier building inspired us to scrape out the plaster-of-Paris and reveal the original timber. The restoration of the old roof, support brackets on the walls and the gable windows set the keynote to the interior of this office.

The design consciously refrains from interrupting the expanse and openness of the space.

Cabins form the secondary inner structure with independent roofs. Colours and suspended lighting accentuate the form of this ‘olde-worlde’ space.

Client: M/s Falcon Brokerage Pvt. Ltd.
Area: 1820 sq. ft.
Cost: Rs.28 lac.
Consultants: Dixit Consultants for AC, Bharat Parekh.
Contractors: Abhishek Decorators, Vinay Constructions, V. M. Electricals,
SabirAli, Giriraj Brothers.
Period of construction: April-Sept2000.
Supporting architect: Shilpa Rathi.