Fugro Geonics, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai

In an area marked by small plots, this corporate complex occupies four of them. Its design deliberately fragments the form of the building to harmonize it with the neighbourhood of small residential and industrial units. An elevated podium is the nucleus of the complex and holds the different buildings together.

The diverse forms and colours of the buildings, where a range of activities takes place, invigorate the presence of this central, elevated podium. Also, the corridors, avenues and other common spaces are around this centre, enabling informal get-togethers of staff members and strengthening of relationships.

Client: Fugro Geonics Pvt. Ltd.
Area: 1200 sq. mt.
Cost: Rs.108 lac.
Contractor: R. L. Dalaland Co.Pvt Ltd.
Consultants: Vijay Bhise, Barai Consultants Combine,
Hydro-mechanical Consultants.
Period of construction: 2000-02.
Supporting architects: Tasadduq Husain (associate), Swati Tamse.