The stadium occupies a central position on the site, with easy access from and to the city road.
Cricket academy & club house buildings are proposed on the river front side, along with a waterfront promenade.
The academy building then directly connects to the two practice grounds and football ground.
Existing temple complex has been integrated into the overall plan with a large gateway to the waterfront promenade and views of the river. Parking lots are proposed at four locations for efficient traffic distribution.

An exclusive road access and a parking lot has been provided for the South pavilion and the Club House. This parking lot also caters to 75 box members and their guests. Similarly, the academy building and the temple complex have an exclusive road access, along with their dedicated parking lot.

Reserved parking spaces are provided at several locations around the stadium for ambulances, fire engines, generator trucks and police vehicles.
An evacuation plan has been prepared to deal with emergencies.