Handloom House, Bhubaneshwar

Like the structures adjacent to it, this large, institutional building is sited on a relatively small, urban plot, abutting a major road in Bhubaneshwar. In such a context, the design had to provide some sense of relief to its large form and the highly built, urban neighbourhood. Its receding facades achieve this by encompassing a central void in the form of an elevated, paved and landscaped podium which also constitutes the entrance to the building.

Not merely facial, the void cuts through the building form in different ways and at different levels. Thus, the functional spaces mingle with the common void, transforming the podium into the hub of the building complex.

Colour has been used creatively to highlight this counter space, and to accentuate the transition from the outer to the inner.

Client: Government of Orissa.
Area :3200 sq. mt. Cost: Rs.140 lac.
Contractor: IDCO Bhubaneshwar.
Structuralconsultant: Dr. V. S Kelkar Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Electrical, P. H. Services: S. M Jain and Associates.
Period of construction: 1981-83.
Supporting architects: Sanjay Naravi, Mangesh Shetye.