Holiday Homes, Mahabaleshwar

A series of sloping, Mangalore-tiled roofs with flat-roofed, interconnecting, transitory spaces weave a familiar Konkan tapestry: clusters of houses on lush green plains and hill slopes. Laterite stone masonry walls add to the rural ambience. The high roofs and porous stones make both the houses airier and cooler during the warm, humid, tropical summers.

Each room, with its independent verandah and roof, has a view of the hills across a beautiful, green valley of rice fields about a meandering river.

Every point in the interconnected, common spaces looks down into the valley and offers glimpses behind of the different parts of this cluster.

Clients: Mr. Chetan Shah and Mrs. Bharati Dalal.
Area: 150 (each house).
Cost: avg.Rs. 35 Lac each.
Contractor: R.D.Pawar.
Consultant: S.M.Jain and Asso.
Landscape design: Suvarna Sathe.
Period of construction: 1994-96.
Supporting architect: Suchitra Manian