ICICI Call Centre, Thane

The 60000sqft call centre plan constitutes large functional open office spaces with modular workstations. The walls of these spaces are bright white with the laminated workstations in white or muted grey with a touch of blue in the upholstery.

A central main street, that leads in from the reception, and the side streets that branch out from this divides the large open hall into four manageable and visually comfortable quadrants.

The reception and the connecting walkways are designed in colourful contrast to the bright, white, efficient organization of the functional spaces. The ‘busyness’ and ‘uniformity’ of the workspaces are broken by the presence of large pillars which have been given a curved blooming form and are painted bright ochre to provide some visual excitement.

Two circular spaces have been carved out in the middle on either side of the main walkway for the staff to withdraw and de-stress in the different surroundings of coloured curved walls and warm wood furniture.

It is the interplay of the cool, neat, efficient planning of the workspaces and the warm, lively ‘cozy-ness’ of the transition and resting spaces that is central to the design of the call centre.

Client: ICICI Bank Ltd.
Arae: 60,000 Sqft
Cost: Rs. 900 Lac
Contractor: Abhishek Furnishers 
Period of Construction: 2005-2006
Supporting Architects: Sanjeev Karekar (Associate) Titus Bhaumik