ICICI Onesource Call Centre, Malad, Mumbai

Promoted by ICICI, this call centre has been developed over two floors. The reception, interestingly backdropped by a long, curved wall, introduces you to the lively central avenue, created by two staggered, parallel walls that run lengthwise and are painted in different colours.

The lift and staircase shafts, on the two sides, along with the perpendicular avenue, divide the floor area into four distinct sections.

The open-office plan for the call operators with diffused, non-reflective, ambient lighting and acoustic design for noise reduction, ensures undisturbed openness and unhindered vision. The structural grid of the original ceiling is exposed and further developed to maintain better height and volume in this area for call operators.

Client: ICICI Onesource Ltd.
Area: 20000 sq. ft.
Cost: Rs. 3.6 crore.
Consultants: N. K. Jain, Dixit Consultants for AC.
Contractor: Aashish Decorators.
Period of construction: April- June 2002.
Supporting architect: Sanjeev Karekar(associate), Munira Rawat.