ICICI Prudential Corporate Office , Kandivali, Mumbai

A circular reception with concentric floor and lighting pattern marks the entrance to this 50,000 sq ft single floor office. There are three zones of open offices with almost 750 workstations and a cafeteria. They have been designed in a staggered fashion to break the linearity of the floor plate. Each open office block has a syndicate room cluster; a transparent freestanding glass cube acting as its central feature. Between zones three distressing areas with lounge facilities have been designed. The colour scheme of the office ranges from the soothing sea greens, maroons and purples at the workstations to the lively and pulsating yellows and oranges in the cafeteria.

Client: ICICI Prudential
Area: 50,000 sq. ft
Cost: 9.3 crore
Consultants: Enova for HVAC, DSGCON for electrical
Contractor: Abhishek Furnishers
Period of construction: March-July 2008
Project Architect: Shreeya Shilpi