Institute For Technology And Management, Navi Mumbai

A network of common, open spaces emphasizes the friendly and sociable character of this educational campus. Interestingly, the introduction to this series of open spaces is marked by a public square that is truly shared by the neighbourhood and the city. This forum has facilities such as a restaurant, an art gallery and an auditorium which are open to the public. It is in these spaces that the institute comes alive and remains so even after classes have ended.

From this public forum, you enter a central courtyard through a large gateway. The courtyard leads to a stepped activity court further down. This sequence of common spaces is useful for performances and get-togethers.

Avenues, streets, staircases and atria are strung around these open spaces, providing a network of shared spaces in the complex.

Client: ITM. Area: 75,00 sq mt.
Cost: Rs. 500 lac.
Contractor: R.L Dalal and Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Structural consultant: Dwijen Bhatt.
Electrical, P.H. Services: Hydro-mechanical Consultants.
Period of construction: 1999-2002.
Supporting architects: Tasadduq Husain (associate), Samitha Shetty.