Juhu Chowpatty Restoration and Redevelopment, Mumbai

Restoration of Juhu Beach is the third project in this effort to restore Mumbai’s waterfronts. It is one of Mumbai’s most largely visited public spaces. It is a place to unwind, relax and take in the sea air. Unfortunately, ad hoc, unplanned commercialization, without a cohesive and comprehensive vision, has destroyed its natural environment considerably. Our proposal covers the entire length of the main beach and promenade from the koliwada at the southern tip to the one at the northern, a length of nearly three kilometres. As the plan shows, it covers the whole spectrum of activities along the stretch, both on and off the beach and its immediate surroundings. The already existing stalls and podia have been incorporated into the plan. Its salient features include proposals to reduce traffic congestion, generate substantial new parking spaces, pedestrian crossings and islands. There ought to be provision for a whole gamut of conveniences such as taxi, auto and bus stands, toilets, phone booths, information kiosks, garbage disposal and enhanced lighting.

Highlights of the proposed project:
Food court: It is proposed to develop a ‘food court’ on the land opposite the Shivaji statue and to relocate all the 42 licensed stalls now occupying the central chowpatty. The food court will include proper drainage, garbage collection, lighting, furniture, paving and other facilities.

Gateway: The cleared central chowpatty will thus serve as the gateway to the beach and will be equipped with a redeveloped and landscaped podium with seating and lighting.

Public conveniences: Adequate public conveniences at two locations are proposed by renovating and expanding the existing dilapidated facilities.

Gandhi statue garden: It is proposed to develop the garden around the existing statue and reconstruct a central ramp to facilitate Ganpati immersion.

Landscape around the Shivaji statue: We envisage a large garden around the statue which now stands in the middle of a parking lot. This will enhance its dignity and that of its surround. Also, a central, landscaped avenue, extending from the statue to the sea, is proposed to provide it visibility from the beach.

Drop-off bays: A footpath and planned drop-off bays for vehicles are also proposed. Accesses: In all, there are eight accesses to the beach, apart from the central chowpatty. This proposal includes:

Bollards: To erect bollards at the end of each lane, restricting the entrance of unauthorized vehicles and to create planned parking and turnaround facilities.

Landscape: To plant trees along the edges, and restructure existing authorized stalls, thus enabling a wide and free access.

Children’s park: To develop available vacant sites at the end of the different accesses on Birla Lane and Holiday Inn Lane as a children’s park and a public facility.

Ramps: To reconstruct the existing ramps and steps, thus enabling easy and safe access to the beach.

Funding: Shabana Azmi (M. P Lad Fund) and Hema Malini (M. P Lad Fund).
Water front length: 4.5 km.
Cost: Rs.350 lac (estimated).
Contractor: MHADA Slum Board.
Design and construction: 2002
Supporting architects: Dhanashree Sawant (land scape design),
Shantanu & Manisha Poredi.

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