Juthika Exports, Andheri, Mumbai

A square, sprightly reception is the key space in this export office. A large handpainted traditional garment hanging on a high wall captures the attention and announces the nature of the business boldly. The warm, bright, earth colours, outlined in thin white borders, and a diagonal staircase leading to the upper floor with a balcony looking into this court, are the other striking features here.

Beyond the reception court, the offices are separated by transparent glass partitions that ensure privacy while visually uniting the office.

Client: Juthika Exports.
Area: 1600 sq. ft.
Cost: Rs.10 lac.
Contractors: Furniture-The Workshop, Mehta Sanitation,
TEF Brothers, Peerless Corporation.
Mural: Subodh Dhairyavan.
Period of construction: 1993- 94.