Kaifi Azmi Udyan , Juhu, Mumbai

A Neighbourhood Park

A long narrow stretch of land along a nullah (drain) in Juhu lay neglected for several years. Bootlegging, dumping of garbage, car repairs and other such activities had marred the site. The local residents’ association, including Architect P. K. Das, with the active support of Ms Shabana Azmi (MP), decided to intervene and put a stop to this abuse. This was a vital public space, intended as a garden in the Development Plan for Mumbai.

The space has been developed as an educational and interactive udyan (garden), with medicinal, aromatic and flowering plants and already existent mangroves along its periphery. Two pavilions in the udyan provide facilities for discussions and workshops. A pyramidal greenhouse as a landmark structure at the turn of the road provides space for exhibiting exotic plant species. Student groups from neighbouring schools in Juhu can learn a lot from a tour and residents can walk here. A demonstration of solid waste composting and recycling is also available in the udyan.

The udyan was conceptionalized jointly by Architect P. K. Das, environmental journalist Darryl D’Monte and environmentalist Vivek Kulkarni.

Promoter: Ms Shabana Azmi, MP (RajyaSabha).
Land: Brihan mumbai Municipal Corporation.
Area: 7000 sqmt.
Cost: Rs.100 lac.
Contractors: MHADA Slum Board, Green Earth Landscape.
Consultants: Rajdeep Enterprises, Siddharth Consultants,
Hydro-mechanical Consultants.
Period of construction: 2002-03.
Supporting architect: Dhanashree Sawant (landscape design).