Mithi Riverfront, Master Planning, Mumbai

The objective was to develop a unified yet varying landscape- having multiple levels to avoid monotony and generate exciting experiences. Developing axes, vistas and create focal points and views. Providing multiple opportunity for diverse interests- children’s play areas, cultural forums for formal and spontaneous activity, walking, cycling, jogging, leisure, exhibition spaces, etc. Developing the idea of urban forests, by plantation of a wide variety of trees, flora and fauna, to attract birds and butterflies. Provide public conveniences and facilities by adapting green architectural ideas- small sub-terrain structures built under green mounds and roof gardens. Intelligent, energy saving lighting to enhance the moods of the place. Designing and installing furniture and signage for leisure, relaxation and comfort. Integrate public art

The design proposed to achieve a unified urban ecology bringing social, cultural, recreational, art, life & aspirations together with sustainable landscape.

Creating an Eco Park - An integrated structure of built & natural environment through a labyrinth of green, blue & brown lines.


Client: MMRDA
Cost: Rs.6850 Lac
Land Area: 30 Acres
Project Period:  2012- ongoing