Mundra Port SEZ Corporate Office, Mundra, Kutch

At dusk, the Adani Port SEZ corporate office structures are a romantic sight – like the view of a long, grand ship at anchor some distance away. Lights glow all along  the length of  the front boundary wall which has a sequence of openings for the different gates; and with the corridor and room lights switched on, the glazed frontage of the central, multi-storeyed tower glistens in a mesmeric presence, like the many decks of a ship.

As you enter the main gate a flight of steps alongside the building leads you to the reception atrium of the building which is a large court with the nostalgic display of an old boat with sails at one end. The mood in this space changes with the quality of daylight filtering in from the glass front and from the lights of the walkways that skirt the building at various levels. A series of steps next to a bold ochre pillar leads you to the next floor level from the forecourt.

The two blocks on either side of the reception court house offices at different levels. They are designed as open office layouts with a series of workstations. The spaces are bright with white walls and laminates and just a touch of warm brown in the upholstery.

The cabins, conference rooms, auditorium and coffee lounges are all tucked in the rear part of the building. These internal spaces are connected through the verandah-walkways all along the frontage of the structure overlooking the the reception court. These verandahs help the workspaces breathe and connect to the openness of this front atrium court.

The cabins, conference rooms and auditorium are designed as plush, modern spaces with all the facilities and amenities. The décor is also in a dignified and sober colour-and-lighting scheme. The reception/seating areas on the different levels are planned a little dramatically alongside a pillar with warm orange upholstered sofas, paintings on walls and lighting accents that liven up these spaces.

Client: Mundra Port SEZ Ltd.
Area: 10000 Sqmt, Cost: Rs. 2900 Lac
Contractors: Devanshi Developers (Civil Work), Abhishek Furnishers (Interiors), Innovators (Facade)
Consultants: Mahimtura Consultants, Sheth Techno Consultants, Pankaj Dharkar
Period of Construction: 2006-2008
Supporting Architects: Sanjeev Karekar (Associate) Rajeev Achari, Milind Khare, Anuradha Bhutye (Interiors)