NABARD Regional Office, Bhubaneshwar

The architectural forms of the banks regional office buildings envelop a central garden court with verdant trees, plants, ponds and fountains. A pergola shades it. Skywalks across this court link the office and amenities blocks, provide relief and form interesting transitional spaces for informal staff interaction. They offer panoramic views of the city as well. The buildings and open spaces, in their intrinsic form, face south and open themselves to the southerly winds at Bhubaneshwar. This design achieves a pleasant merger of the lush outdoors and the simple indoors, creating a micro-climate that cools down the airflow within the building.

Large openings on the south face of the buildings relate most of the interior spaces to the court. Complementary openings on the north façade ensure cross-ventilation.

Client: National Bank for Agriculture and RuralDevelopment.
Area: 3000sq mt.
Cost: Rs.150l ac.
Contractor: Unit Construction Company Ltd., Calcutta.
Structural consultant: Dr. Vasant Kelkar and Associates.
Electrical: Khirod Pattnaik.
Plumbing and services: S. M Jain and Associates.
Period of construction:1985-87.
Supporting architects: Sanjay Naravi, Mangesh Shetye