Naya Raipur Model High School, Naya Raipur

At the heart of our planning concept is a ‘Central Street’. A street that unifies the different activities of the the school. It also provides a sense of unity amongst the students of greatly varying ages and classes. This is the central spine of the school too, akin to a town street. A subway leading from this Central Street connects the recreational facility on the other side of a road that divides the two school properties. Access to the various activities located in the lower floor are also from this Street.

A unique roof over this Street makes this central street a distinct architectural feature in the planning and design of the school complex.

Many secondary streets connect the class rooms situated in typical blocks around their individual courtyards, to the Central Street.

Along the ‘Central street’ on both sides, the common academic blocks housing a few select classrooms, labs, studios, workshops etc. are situated akin to shops and galleries along a city street.

The ‘Entrance Square’ is a large assembly area too, easily accessed from the school buses parking lot and the car parking lot. Students can easily get to and get-away from the assembly area to and from the Central Street.

In the planning concept, we have envisioned the school complex in 4 distinct sections- ’The Commons’, ‘Academic’, ‘Residential, ‘Recreational’.

Each of these four sections have a well defined area, yet networked together. 


Client: Naya Raipur Development Authority
Land Area: 1,21,457 sq.m.
BUA: 27,000 sq.m.
Design Proposal: 2015