Nuclear Power Corporation WTC, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

A limited design competition proposal.

The idea of an Indian identity, that our contemporary society and scientific development should be firmly rooted in our social and cultural ethos, underpins the design of this corporate office. So the spirit of traditional architectural features, such as the angan, the baithak, the tree and the wall painting, is evoked in the common spaces.

Besides the reception courts in both the blocks, the activities are planned around the angans. One of them in the south block, used for lectures, presentations and discussions, is inspired by the baithak. The other angans form the central courts of open office plans in the north block and a forecourt for the offices of the chairman and managing director in the south.

The partition walls around the angans and corridors are decorated with wall paintings and differently coloured doors and windows, like houses along a traditional street with ottas. Together, they bring warmth and intimacy to this workplace.

Client: Nuclear Power Corporation.
Area: 21000 sq.ft.
Estimated cost:Rs. 2.10 crore.
Design proposal: 1987.