Orissa Bhavan, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Conceived of as a home away from home for Oriyas visiting Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, the centre provides, besides accommodation, a platform for gettogethers and the promotion of Oriya art, craft, dance and music. Oriya foods, handicrafts and handlooms from the state are sold here in the enticing environment of arcade shops.

At the core of the centre is the elevated chaupadhi, a place for get-togethers. Oriya artistes perform in the shaded, but open, chautara (podium). Watching a performance at the chaupadhi is absorbing, for the backdrop consists of architecturally distinct buildings, such as the kothi (the suites), the athithi shala (guest rooms), the pada (staff quarters) and the kala mandap (multi-purpose hall).

A large stairway leads from the arcade to the chaupadhi and to the other areas around it. For guests, separate entrances to the kothi, the athithi shala and the pada are from the rear of the building.

A large wall painting praises the traditional skills of the artists and craftsmen of Orissa. The painting adds that element of romance, nostalgia and celebration to the chaupadhi.

The flooring of the chaupadhi and arcade is a mosaic of kandalite stone tiles. The use of this stone and traditional colours gives the Bhavan a dignity and presence and reinforces the warmth and festivity of get-togethers held here.

Client: IDCO, Govt.of Orissa.
Area: 4400 sq. mt. Cost: Rs 500 lac
Contractor: Abhishek Furnishers
Consultants: Vijay Bhise Associates, Sheth Techno Consultants
Design and construction: 1999-2009
Supporting Architects - Sanjeev Karekar (Associate) Suvendu Das