P.K.Das and Associates, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

Bamboo screens are an enchanting feature of the architect’s office. They accessorise windows and the glass partition walls that demarcate the meeting areas and the administration at the reception. They also filter light, while allowing the spaces to combine and expand through unhindered vision.

Soft, subdued light permeates the inner rooms, highlighting the golden yellow, Jaisalmer stone flooring and the warm amber of the additional layer of the screen, placed obliquely over the partition at the reception. Warmth and transparency are distinctive characteristics of this office.

On another floor in the same building, the design studio functions in an open work environment, but still provides individual work spaces and privacy.

Area: 2500 sq. ft.
Cost: Rs.10 lac.
Contractors: Abhishek Decorators, Vinay Construction,
V. M. Electricals, Giriraj Brothers.
Period of construction: 2000.
Supporting architect: Nayanika Nayak