Rawmin Mining Office, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Constituting a compact cabin and conference room on the two sides of the entrance court, the office is essentially a neat and functional design. A walkway perpendicular to the rectangular reception extends on one side to access the cabin and on the other side to access the conference room to the right and the pantry and toilets at the far end. The furniture and furnishings form simple neat lines that do not send discordant notes in a compact set-up. Only a couple walls are painted in warm brown and blue to enliven the spaces.

Client: Rawmin Mining
Area: 2500 Sqft
Cost: Rs. 50 Lac
Contractor: Abhishek Furnishers
Period of Construction: 2006 - 2007 
Supporting Architects: Sanjeev Karekar (Associate) Gaurav Manjrekar