Re-Envisioning Panchgani - A 'Town Centre'


The ‘Town Centre’ helps integrate the various existing public buildings such as the Town Hall, Municipal Council building and Municipal Markets etc. Networking of these buildings and open-spaces enables us to establish a profound ‘Town Centre’ with many more activities and interests; a small separate cinema hall, a cultural centre, food courts, gallery and open spaces for leisure and walks.


Our central objective is to envision a ‘Town Centre’ and to establish an identity for Panchgani. Visitors would thus be able to relate with the ‘Centre’ and spend time for food, entertainment, leisure and engage in various passive and active cultural programs. Visitors will also enjoy spending time Intermingling with each other and showing off their  best casual outfits in most hill-station town centers.


Client: Panchgani Municipal Council
Cost: Rs. 2500 Lac 
Land Area: 2 Acres

Project Period: 2012 - ongoing  



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