Reliance Industries, Sewree, Mumbai

A proposal.

Four godown structures, totalling 16,500 square metres, at the Bombay Port Trust premises at Sewree, constitute this Reliance office for computer operations and a database centre. It includes back-up offices and other support facilities. These structures are bound by roads on three sides, but space is available along its length to one side of the three contiguous structures. This can be used to create parking facilities.

Our design proposal desists from making any radical changes to the external façade at present. It will be modified minimally and painted in a manner that is consistent with the godown area. The entrance will be a distinct, colonnaded court.

In the middle unit of the three contiguous structures, a reception space is planned with walkways and pergolas, connecting it to the structures on either side. Each of these two structures will include a cluster of conference rooms and syndicate spaces around a central court.

The auditorium and cafeteria will be at one end for people to enter and exit directly from the outside. The travel office, bank and post office are planned on the mezzanine above the cafeteria, again with independent, direct access.

Work spaces are provided on both sides of a central avenue. Colours, textures, cutouts, pergolas and paving are features that will enliven the avenues, courts and other common spaces.

Client: Reliance Industries Ltd.
Area: 10000
Estimated cost: Rs.1.10 crore.
Design proposal: 1996.