Sakaal Office & Studio, Navi Mumbai

When Sakal, the Marathi newspaper group, wanted to diversify into the television medium, they bought a completed building opposite the Belapur Railway Station to house their studio and back-up offices. It was the typical concrete-jacketed, rectangular ‘block’ which we were assigned to renovate and design the interiors.

Our basic design intent was to break up the rigid, concrete, box-like aesthetics of the building by adding entrance features, curved concept walls and colours that would enliven these transitional spaces. We accentuated this with distinctive lighting and created an introductory ambience that would appropriately anticipate the modern, colourful, spacious and well-lit TV studio on the ground floor with their back-up offices on the mezzanine. The upper floor houses their newspaper section. The office interior constitutes neatly planned functional spaces connected by avenues.

Client: Sakaal Papers Ltd.
Area: 4000 Sqmt. Cost: Rs. 1500 Lac
Contractors: Damian, Furhiture Arts,
Consultants: Sheth Techno Consultants
Period of Construction: 2006-2007
Supporting Architects: Sanjeev Karekar (Associate) Bhoomika Paralakr, Tushar Dure