Siemens Workers Holiday Homes, Lonavala

This is a string of cottages designed as holiday homes near Lonavala. Both single and double-storied, with sloping Mangaloretile roofs, they are built along a central, open-to-sky forum. The forum encourages informal meetings and cultural get-togethers, reminiscent of a town square.

On the other hand, the entrance pavilion, which is in the form of a stepped square, is suitable for more formal occasions and functions. The pavilion is shaded by a high, pyramidal roof with deep overhangs.

In the heavy rains that Lonavala experiences during the monsoon, the pavilion works as a sheltered gallery for large gatherings.

Client: Siemens Workers Union.
Area: 1100 sq mt. Cost: Rs.60 lac.
Contractor: Mac Construction.
Structural consultant: Vijay B
Period of construction: 1998-2002.
Supporting architect: Vaibhav Lavekar.