Sonal Garments, Parel, Mumbai

An alluring and dynamic avenue, with varying roofs and impressive lighting, connects the reception to the inner court. Both have pyramidal roofs and are painted bright blue.

Along this spinal space, smaller courts introduce you to the different departments of the office and function as meeting points.

Client: Sonal Garments.
Area: 9700 sq. ft.
Cost: Rs.130 lac.
Consultants: Dixit Consultants for AC., Nanak Shah.
Contractors: Abhishek Decorators, Nanak Shah, Vinay Construction, T. F. Pardiwala,
Sabir Ali, Giriraj Brothers, Snehal Enterprises.
Period of construction: March- Oct 1994.
Supporting architect: Tasadduq Husain, Deepa Sharma.