Sports Complex, Koraput, Odisha

Evolving a plan for this facility is an art of scripting spaces and creating a spatial order distinctly characterised with various programs, elements, forms and colours.
These aspects are structurally integral to the architecture and master plan for the site accommodating a mix of outdoor and indoor sports as well as their related activities.

At the heart of our planning concept is a central 'Ceremonial Street'. A street that unifies and provides access to the different activities within the complex. Plazas emerge from the ceremonial street and are carved into the landscape. These plazas become the forecourts to the main buildings on the masterplan.

The various requirements of sports grounds and courts have been accommodated in the masterplan. The primary organising factor for these is the north-South orientation - which is of utmost importance. The requirements of indoor sports have been accommodated in two building blocks. The primary building block is located off the forecourt plaza, and the other is located near the pool and outdoor courts.

Client: Govt. of Odisha
Land Area: 17.14 Acres
Built-up Area: 48550 sq.m
Est. Cost: Rs. 49 Cr.
Design Proposal: 2019