ThoughtWorks Academy, Hyderabad

ThoughtWorks is a privately owned, global technology company with 40 offices in 14 countries. It provides software design and delivery, and pioneering tools and consulting services. In India they have offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida and Pune. ThoughtWorks are "community of passionate individuals whose purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change."

The theme is most of their offices worldwide is the concept of the open office floor plate, with notional separation of programs occurring with furniture layouts and changes in flooring. The clients approached us with a vision of developing a training institute where ThoughtWorkers would go for longer periods of time for focused training and orientation.

Keeping in mind the company ideology and brief for their requirements in mind, the following design framework for the academy was developed:

1. The idea of building open spaces & and harboring a feeling of togetherness are central to the overall ThoughtWorks philosophy.
2. The architecture and design of the ThoughtWorks academy also reflect the same philosophy - spaces are open and those that foster togetherness. Various kinds of common spaces intermingle and are contiguous.
3. The heart of our planning concept is an open 'Central Forum' in the orchard. Individual pavilion spaces and other activities closely relate to this central Forum.
4. Work spaces are structured into four studios - housed within 'open pavilions' which also interact with the Forum.
5. In the residential areas, different categories of units are clustered together around courtyards across five blocks. Even though these courtyards are parts of these blocks, they also open into the Forum.
6. Several pavilions facilitating various interactive programs are spread across this central forum. The programs conducted in these pavilions may be for and by ThoughtWorkers or could be joint programs with neighborhood village communities.
7. Use of local materials is imperative to evolve an institute which is well located and truly grounded in its environment.
8. Collaborative development programs are integral to the maintenance of the mango orchards and for promoting farming on site - where local villagers are employed in the fields. ThoughtWorkers can engage in light farming activities such as the kitchen garden - which becomes fresh supply of vegetables for personal use. More importantly this concept furthers the overall ThoughtWorks idea of working together in a productive landscape.

Total Project area: Approx. 75,000 sq.ft.
Estimated Cost: Rs. 30 cr
Duration: 2016-ongoing