Town and Country Club, Lavasa, Pune

This is a fine example of an architecture that sensitively responds to the geography and environment of the site – the flora & fauna, the hill slopes and the lake. The Dasve Country Club is intimately woven into this powerful environmental structure. An example where a built environment collaborates intimately with natural settings to create a joyous calming and exciting leisure.

As the Country Club is sited along a beautiful lake, water courts became the central theme. Water in its various different forms: still and peaceful water bodies, rolling water, flowing and playful water courses and waterfalls are used to evoke different moods in the different areas of the club.

A rolling stream of water is planned to run along the axis of the country club from the entrance  through stepped avenues in the middle of the central exotic garden, through the the entrance forum, into a pool and finally cascade down the contours to join into the lake. The entire design and the zones are planned almost symmetrically on either side of this axis.

The entrance is through an avenue on either side of this stream and is flanked by the central court with mango trees that evoke the feel of a warm traditional Indian wadi. The avenue leads into the entrance forum flanked by pavilions on either side that afford a breathtaking view of the lake beyond the pergolas and the pool. Each pavilion leads onto a restaurant at the far end. The exclusive health club and spa is planned beyond one pavilion and the recreation center beyond the other. The structures for the different activities on either side are interwoven with a variety of ‘champa courtyards’ creating a poetry of open green spaces and built form - a weave that would encourage a sense of association and togetherness among the club members and also provide spaces for entertainment and amusement.

At the farther end towards the water’s edge, the design through a series of decks and an amphitheatre leads you down to the lake. Seen as a spectacular backdrop from the pavilions and the entrance court, the lake now becomes an approachable intimate and peaceful extension of the country club environment.

Client: Lavasa Corporation Ltd.
Area: 9000 Sqmt. Cost: Rs. 3000 Lac,
Contractor: Dalal Constructions,
Consultants: Shishir Kulkarni Associates, Sheth Techno Consultants, Chandar Ramchandani, 
Period of Construction: December 2007-December 2009  
Supporting Architects: Mohammed Ali Momin (Associate) Shreeya Shilpi, Swapnil Sawant, Priyanka Karpe, Yogita Nayak, Preeti Nair.