Trivedi House, Ahmedabad

In the city of Ahmedabad, this three-storied house is built on a typical urban plot in a housing layout. Other multi-storied houses, mere three-metre distances away, surround it. The introverted design succeeds in shutting out the hum and bustle of the neighbourhood. Thus it carves out quiet, private rooms that expand into multiple, but internally connected, open spaces, such as voids, terraces and the central atrium court. Movement within the house is around these interconnected spaces which bring the house together. The court is covered with a pyramidal, stained-glass roof. It provides a kaleidoscopic visual experience during the day as it bathes the walls surrounding the court in soft, translucent colours that shift, forming a colourful mosaic on the floor of the court at midday. This continuous movement of light and colour has the house change subtly its moods and expressions through the day.

The central court reverberates with the sound of pujas and family functions, thus enriching the experience of living in the house. A large, elevated garden in the rear provides open space to the family.

Client: Mr. Kiran Trivedi.
Area: 975 sq. mt. Cost: Rs. 50 Lac.
Contractor: B.K Constructions. Structural consultant: V.R.Shah.
Period of construction: 1994-96. Supporting architect: Punita Parmar.