Vidhan Bhavan, Legislative Complex for Raipur, Chhattisgarh

We developed our design ideas for the Naya Raipur Vidhan Bhavan, coupled with very careful assessment of functional requirements and their spatial needs, reflected in the plans.
The library building and the facility Center are proposed as independent buildings in order to facilitate their use and accessibility by all, at all times without necessarily disturbing the privacy and exclusivity of the core legislative functions and areas.
Separate entrances, exits and circulation spaces for legislators, administrators, visitors and Governor along with VIPs have been proposed.
The central hall is a distinctly independent landmark  structure placed at the centre of the complex, seen and realized from within and outside at all times. A visual delight and a landmark for the Naya Raipur Capital Complex.

Art and culture;
Deep rooted local art and culture have been embedded in the architectural ideas of spaces and structures in order to achieve a distinct identity, yet set in a highly modern idiom in order to project the new aspirations of an emerging state of Chattisgarh. Inclusion of local art and participation of traditional artists and crafts people along with contemporary thinkers and scenographers in the making of this unique landmark for the Capital Complex and the city of Naya Raipur is a significant aspect of this proposal.


Client: Naya Raipur development Authority
Cost: Rs. 2100 Lac
Built-up Area:  55,000 sq.m
Design Proposal: 2014