Villa Verticale, Mumbai

The client owns a 1 acre plot located in the prime residential area of Carmichael Road in South Mumbai. The brief is to develop private homes for the use of the client and his family. With this brief, the design of an exclusive high end residential development with 5 duplexes was evolved.

The site has a plethora of old trees, some of which are more than a 100 years old and have tree trunks that range from 5ft. to as much as 15ft. in diameter - as in the case of the banyan tree. With the intent of felling as few trees as possible, an organic footprint of a building was evolved using the spaces available in between the existing trees. The design puts a central forest atrium in the heart of the building, and consequently in the heart of each house. Each house has varying balconies and terraces into this central atrium on different levels to create a unique experience from within each house.

In a typical duplex the common spaces such as the living room, dining room and kitchen are provided on the lower level along with a guest bedroom; and the private spaces such as the primary bedrooms, gym and family lounge are on the upper level.The living and dining rooms are oriented outwards to views of the Willingdon Club golf course and the Haji Ali bay. The double height terrace is also oriented in this direction.

Project Period: 2017 - Ongoing
Area: 29000 sq.m.
Est. Cost: 1500 Cr.